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LED Panel Light Is A High-end Indoor Lighting

  LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting, the outer frame by the anodized aluminum alloy, the light source for the LED, the entire design simple and beautiful lighting, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effects, but also bring people The feeling of beauty. Its illumination uniformity, soft light, comfortable and without losing the bright, can effectively relieve eye fatigue, but also radiation, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin. So, now more and more people will use LED panel lights instead of traditional lamps, but many users in the installation of lamps will always encounter a variety of problems, then tell us how to install.

  A, slide into the 50mm aluminum frame ceiling: first in the top of the ceiling to play a few screw holes, and then slide the panel lights into the top of the box 3 fixed on the top of the wall to confirm the screw firmly. And then slide the panel light to a fixed slide into the ceiling box, and then use the screws to fix the fourth side on the frame. Convenient - simple - time saving.

  B, embedded: first in the ceiling to install the sheet metal slot, and then in the back of the LED panel lights fixed a few protruding out of the bracket, and then the panel lights into the bracket and the ceiling of the sheet metal slot fit, you can fix On the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, so the need to adjust the height between the lamp and the bracket, otherwise it will cause the LED panel lights installed higher or lower than the ceiling surface of the phenomenon.

  C, hanging: a good hole on the ceiling to install a good hole, the hanging parts fixed, locked screw hanging vertical down, in the back of the LED panel lights hanging on the components. Easy to install. Consumers must pay attention to ask to understand the suspension of the components is the manufacturer's standard accessories or optional.