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How To Choose The Color Temperature Of LED Track Light

  How to choose the color temperature of LED Track Light

  LED track light color is what we usually call the color temperature (related color temperature), with the Kelvin temperature K value to represent. People usually use warm and cold to describe the feeling of different color temperature, the higher the color temperature feeling colder (such as the Moonlight), the lower the color temperature warmer (such as warm candle).

  So what is the temperature of the LED Track Light in our clothing store? Now let's analyze it together!

  Usually, LED Track Light high color temperature light source, such as the brightness is not high gives people a cold atmosphere; low color temperature light irradiation, the brightness of high will give people a sultry feeling.

  LED Track Light Color temperature is a subjective indicator, that is, there is no absolute good or bad, the key to see the applicability of different occasions.

  For example, in the clothing area, the use of low color temperature will make the space feel yellow, nature at sunset is this color temperature, it is easy to make people feel sleepy, so it is wrong to use the color temperature of the case.

  Through the above to the understanding of the color temperature, then the light color of different objects are very clear, such as: clothing store Most of the choice of 3000K color temperature, furniture shop Most choose 4000K color temperature, exhibition hall to choose 6000K Color temperature