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How Consumers Choose Led Track Lights

  How consumers choose led Track lights

  1, from the product parts of the finish can see the level of the mold, thereby indirectly see the LED track light quality. At present, the mainstream of the cob track lights are basically to come up with ideas, random pieces of spare parts assembly, each part of the color, connecting parts of the process rough.

  2, see whether the solder joint size is consistent, whether there is a sharp point and so on.

  3, see if there are flaws and defects.

  4, see the parameters led track lamp main parameters are luminous efficiency, color index, luminous efficiency of the current index is 100-150lm, must be greater than 100lm W, but this indicator is in the growth period, next year will reach 150-250lm. Color index up to 80 can be, this indicator is absolutely not necessary to pursue more than 90, unless you are engaged in painting and other color height requirements of the work.

  5. Look at the power, the mainstream of the market on the cheap track lights are basically 30W 24W virtual label.

  6. Light quality: No secondary spot, the edge is clean, the main accessory spot is smooth, the main accessory spot is obviously different and the intensity and the boundary are clear.