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Luminous lamp structure

LED light emitting lamp panel, cell board, power supply, control card, connection

Cell board is one of the core components of LED, which has a direct impact on the display effect. The cell board is composed of a LED module, a driving chip and a PCB circuit board. LED module, in fact, is made up of a lot of LED light emitting point resin or plastic package.

The driver chip is mainly 74HC245/244 74HC138 74HC595 4953.

LED light emitting lamp is generally used for switching power supply, 220V input, 5V DC output. Needs to be pointed out that due to the LED display screen is a precision electronic equipment, so the switching power supply, the transformer can not be used. For a single indoor unit plate 1 red 64x16, when bright, the current is 2A.

Screen control card can control 256x16 1/16 point scanning dual color screen, can assemble the most cost advantage LED screen. The control card belongs to the asynchronous card, that is, the card can be power to save information, need not connected PC can display the stored inside information.

Data lines, transmission lines, and power lines. The data line for cable connection control card and LED unit board, transmission line is used to connect the control card and computer. Power cord, is used to connect the power supply and control card, power supply and LED unit board. The copper core diameter of the power cord of the connecting unit plate is not less than 1mm (mm).